Course Objective

Present yourself to others as a high-impact & positive person with a strong personality.

Course Overview

This course prepares you to become highly effective in dealing with people and helps you to achieve a high presence and impact. High Impact people are remembered well, are listened to and are respected. As a result, they are often successful and influential people. Having a high impact on others allows you to feel more confident about your abilities and actions and affects the way people perceive you. This in turn makes it easier for you to present yourself and your ideas in a way that is beneficial to you.

Having a presence, like any other behaviour, is just a skill and can be mastered through using correct techniques and practice. This course provides a variety of guidelines on many aspects of developing presence such as body language, what to say, how to behave, how to interact with others and so on.

Personal impact is effectively about how to present yourself in order to positively stand out from the competition and be remembered long after you are gone. People who don’t have a presence are not listened to, are forgotten easily and their ideas are not taken seriously. In this session, you will explore the concept of personal impact and learn about various areas that you need to work on to improve your image and develop a personal brand.

Price: $1,500 (ex. GST)*

Handouts: 50-Page Workbook (Digital)


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